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Lev Group has been installing and repairing lines of engineering and technical support using trenchless technologies for more than 10 years. Work involves time-tested equipment for trenchless laying (TR-14, Vermeer Navigator), location systems (MakkV, Eclipse) and other equipment.

Specialists of the company perform not only installation works, but also design, financial calculations, supplies and adjustment of installed equipment, legalization of objects (if necessary). We also provide warranty and post-warranty service.
Drilling machinery Vermeer Navigator
Equipment for trenchless laying produced in USA. It is intended for horizontal drilling and communication lines arrangement (for example, electric cables, underground communication network) and full-size pipelines.
We use Vermeer Navigator HDD settings of the following modifications:
Mini - units for laying utilities with a diameter from 90 mm to 300 mm;
Midi - medium-power units, which allow to lay pipelines with a diameter of 300-600 mm;
Maxi - powerful equipment for laying trunk pipelines up to 1100 mm in diameter.
Thus, we carry out tasks of any complexity: in urban dense housing and at industrial facilities as well. The Vermeer Navigator operation depth is up to 50 m ("maxi"). The maximum length of passage channels is 500 m.

Equipment park

Equipment for laying cable and pipelines which prepares the drilling mud with optimal combination of components. Also, the TR-14 complex recycles and disposes of drilling waste reducing the impact on the environment. This equipment is manufactured by the American company TULSA Rig Iron Ing., USA.

Installation of equipment

Stratings of transformer substations from the foundation. Installation of high-voltage equipment 6kV, 10kV, 20kV, 35kV, 110kV is a very delicate and complex work that we can do better than others. We mount substations of any modification and complexity.

Installation of high-voltage equipment is a very delicate and complex work that we can do better than others. We mount substations of any modification and complexity.

Construction of distribution substations 04 kV - 35 kV

We carry out the construction of distribution substations from the foundation to commissioning.

Cable line

Energy today is an integral part of our lives. Everyone needs electricity everywhere today, and we can help you with this. Our company occupies a leading position in this industry. We lay electrical networks of any complexity from air to cable.

Plumbing and Sewerage

Water is life. We lay turnkey water pipes of any diameters and any complexity. We build pumping stations. We are able
Build sewer collectors and pumping stations of all types.

МаrkV Location System

The system represents the latest generation of Mark devices produced by the Digital Control Incorporated company. A special advantage is the possibility of switching to an ultra-low frequency (before or during drilling). This makes it possible to minimize the interference produced by steel reinforcement, existing pipelines, power lines, etc.The Digitrak Mark V location system for HDD also features an increased data refresh rate. This is especially essential when using devices for trenchless laying within the city limits.

Eclipse Location System

This device manufactured by the Digital Control Incorporated company is designed to monitor ground noise in HDDs in real time mode. The rig operator corrects the movement of the drill bit in a vertical or horizontal direction according to data displayed on the screen of the location system.

5 reasons to cooperate with the Lev Group

We select optimal technical and financial solutions for each specific project.
We perform trenchless laying "from scratch" as well as reconstruction of existing utilities of any complexity.
We use modern material-saving technology.
We carry out approval of project documentation in state bodies (if necessary).
We carry out warranty service.
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